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Bluetooth Speakers that are worth investing in

June 29, 2018

Could imagine the world without speakers and soundbars? With the music lover that you are, you can’t probably imagine. The absence of speakers only means that you can neither listen to your favourite music, have a conversation over your phone, nor take online classes, transcribe, and other things that require sound amplification. Simply put, the importance of speakers, especially Bluetooth speakers cannot be overlooked in the 21st century


So, what is a speaker?


Well, the speaker we are talking about is not in reference to an individual selected to preside over an elected house of commons.
A speaker in this context is an output device that is used with computer systems. While some speakers are meant for computer systems, some are applicable for with any other type of sound systems. All speakers regardless of their shape serve the same purpose: generating audio output that can be heard by a listener.

Why a Bluetooth speaker is worth buying

Below are some of the reasons why a Bluetooth speaker should be your top pick.

It is wireless

Bluetooth speakers are characterized by the virtual of being wireless. Plugging in and out can sometimes, if not always become tedious. With Bluetooth speakers, you will spare yourself the trouble. Bluetooth speakers will also preserve your artistic taste as there will be no need to compromise having wires running all over.

It features outstanding sound quality

The whole idea of purchasing speakers is getting the most of the sound produced. The quality exhibited by the speakers will enable you to make office presentations without a struggle. How handy are they when going to picnics with your friends? You need to know that you will get an outdoor music experience of a lifetime without much hassle.

It is easy to install

If you at all need to make an installation, then you can be assured it will be a piece of cake. You don’t need to be an IT expert to get it working, all you are required to do is pair your devices to get connected.

It comes with a Portable design

How incredible can it be to carry your speakers that have an excellent output around? You could never ask for more. You can comfortably fit your speaker in your handbag and backpack and get to listen to your music anywhere you would love to: at the gym, office or leisure park.



Bluetooth speakers that are worth every penny

Are you an adventurous soul? FUGOO Bluetooth speakers are designed for you. It has six audio drivers that will give you the ultimate sound experience for up to 40 hours without having to reach out for the charger continuously. You can have fun without being protective of your speaker as it is waterproof, sand proof and shock resistance. Coupled with quality sound, you are in for total enjoyment.

#2. JBL Charge 3
You should probably invest in an IPX7 rated speaker. With JBL Charge 3, you will be able to give your smartphone some life if it goes low on charge as it has up to 20 hours battery life. Also, you will not have to have fears of it dropping into the pool as it is waterproof.

#3. UE Boom 2
UE Boom 2is probably the best Bluetooth speaker you can get in the market: it is IPX7 rated. Designed for adventure, it is durable as it is shock resistant and waterproof. What about its sound performance? Well, expect to have undistracted rich treble tones and deep bass and detailed sound performance.

#4. B&O Beoplay P2
B&O Beoplay is a combination of the convenience and size. With a weight of only 9.7 ounces, you will get the most of its powerful bass and treble. Not only is the shape appealing, but it also comes in an assortment of colours: blue, beige and black. Unlike most Bluetooth speakers that lack controls, B&O has that covered; it has inconspicuous control features like just double tapping the speaker for pause or play. B&O frequency is finely tuned producing quality sound.
Battery life? Well, you can count on it to last a minimum of 10 hours if you are playing it on the highest volume. It means it can last you a whole picnic!

#5. Marshall Kilburn
If you are looking for style and excellent sound then Marshal Kilburn would be your best pick. With Kilburn speakers, you can be assured of not sacrificing performance for good looks as you will get a complete package. It has controls that are easy to use and will not have you frustrated for missing out on your favourite chorus as you try to tune up.
Kilburn is far from speakers that produce anaemic bass and treble. It speaks much about its performance which has a frequency of up to 20,000 Hz. How long can you replay your playlist? Kilburn lasts up to 20 hours. The beauty of it all is that if you notice that the battery is not performing as good as it used to, you can always replace it.

#6. Anker Soundcore Flare
Do you not an affordable speaker that gives you the ultimate performance? Then maybe you should think of getting yourself an Anker. First of all, it is waterproof and shock resistance, so durability is guaranteed. The sound is high quality, and probably too good for the size: which tells you a lot about its portability.
To spice up its look, it has rubber around its bottom fitted with LED which flares on different frequencies. Anker’s battery life is said to be 12 hours: which entirely depends on the volume and brightness of the LED.

#7. Denon Envaya (DSB- 250BT)
Denon Envaya is so far the best when it comes to durability. It has unbelievable powerful and smooth sound that can fill a big room. It is small enough to fit your travel bag without having to let go of your favourite pair of jeans. Its controls are strategically positioned, and its design makes it shock resistant and waterproof. Last but not least, Denon has so far the most excellent battery life which is 24 hours!

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