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Sporting is more fun at corporate boxes

July 3, 2018

For most sports fans, there is always some discomfort when it comes to attending live game events. Exposure to the sun or rain, long concession lines, public restrooms, heavy crowd, etc. are all part of this experience. However, there is one group of people who do not have to deal with such inconveniences: the ones renting out a stadium corporate box.

Corporate boxes, or more commonly called luxury boxes are some of the most exclusive seating arrangements in stadiums and arenas. These seats generate more revenue than normal seating arrangements. Ticket holders to these seats often receive exclusive access to the inner parts of the stadium via private club entrances. These areas are often fitted with lounge areas, bars, high-class restaurants, and many other such luxuries that regular ticket holders cannot access. Whether you want to socialise with your valued clients or wish to experience the game in style with friends and family, you can always book MCG corporate boxes and suits.

Mostly located in the mid-section of the stadium’s grandstand, corporate boxes usually provide the best views of the event. Some even have glass panels that can be opened, thereby giving spectators a chance to feel more immersed in the action of the game. The boxes are catered and the guests enjoy the corporate hospitality.

Commercial and Marketing Aspects

Corporate boxes have been a significant source of revenue for most venue owners and sporting teams. It has been proven that corporate boxes have been one of the major revenue-generating factors for a team to remain competitive on a long-term basis. The trend originally started in North America and slowly made its way to Europe.

Most corporate boxes are leased on yearly contracts. A few venues also rent them on a per-event basis. The rent can vary from AUD $5,000 to a million, all depending on the events being held at a particular venue. The location and the number of people the box can hold also plays important roles in determining the price of the rent.

Amenities and benefits provided in a corporate box

Corporate boxes often provide several benefits than standard seating. Also known as hospitality suites or executive suites, corporate boxes are the first class treatment for watching and live event. Regardless of the stadium or sports type, the design features of most corporate boxes are fairly universal. One most common feature of all boxes – unparalleled view of the game with full visibility of the entire field.

The seats in these boxes are wider and more comfortable than regular seats. These areas are air-conditioned and have access to lounge areas, merchandise stands and restaurants that are not available to general ticket holders. Depending on the venue, the aesthetics of these lounges can range from a motel to design-ey. Areas that are designed to hold larger parties are often fitted with lockers where the guests can lock up their valuable items.

Vendors in corporate boxes often offer menus that are not available otherwise to the standard ticket holder. The buffet counters are fixed with flat screens so that you do not miss out a single moment of the game while gouging down the most delicious food available on the table.

These areas are off-limits to rest of the venue and are accessible only through private club entrances. Several corporate boxes offer private verandahs that allow the viewers to experience the exciting air and outdoor stadium experience without having to endure the problems of a general ticket holder.

Some corporate boxes also let you meet team players and access events like press conferences, etc. Corporate box tickets also include designated parking spaces in the sporting arena which are far away from general public gates and huddled masses and accessible by a separate entrance like a private staircase or elevator.

Importance of Corporate hospitality via corporate boxes

Today, hospitality has more importance than one could imagine. In today’s world, where everything is connected through social media and smartphones, executives and salespeople are in dire need of opportunities to talk face-to-face with their clients. This is the most common reason to purchase suites or corporate boxes – to build and relationships with the client and entertain their needs. It is a great way to help businesses improve relationships within the network.

Some additional benefits of hosting sports events in corporate boxes are:

Informal setting

In a regular work setting, there is a very formal environment and everyone has to adhere to the rules and codes of conduct. This makes it very difficult to share opinions and thoughts freely. However, in a corporate box sporting event, clients and prospective business partners tend to be more informal. Thanks to this, expressing thoughts and opinions become very easy.

First impression

By booking a corporate box in a stadium, you can easily impress your clients. You can show that you value them and make them feel important, thereby making the clients more inclined in the future to work with you.

Entertaining the clients

Entertainment of your client is important. Booking a corporate box during a sporting event is a great way to entertain him/her. This can be very vital in building new relationships, establish relevant contacts, and gives you an opportunity to show off your business’s personality and commitment to go the extra mile.


The market demand for sports and entertainment hospitality has become more valuable than anyone who could have dreamed of it two decades back and companies are starting to take note of it. It is a booming business and has now become a major component of sponsorship deals and the overall sports business. It has become paramount in all business dealings. Entertaining corporate guests through the world of culinary experiences, arts and fashion proves that sports corporate hospitality is a rapidly expanding business that provides corporations with an opportunity to grow through engaging events.

Some of the world’s most famous and luxurious corporate boxes are Arrowhead Stadium (three stories tall and fitted with six bedrooms, US), Hartwall Arena (fitted with a hot steam bath, Finland), Rogers Centre (eagle’s eye view of the entire stadium, Canada), Houston Astrodome (the suite is fitted with every modern amenity, US), Wembley Stadium (fitted with private meeting rooms with excellent catering services, England), etc.

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