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Types of chairs to consider for office space (plus 3 you must have)

July 11, 2018

Many people in the corporate sector spend a significant part of their day at the office, sometimes longer than the usual working hours. This necessitates the need for comfortable seating in any office space, which is a strategic measure to improve productivity by the staff.

Even with the vast range of office chairs to choose from, these interesting types should be the top priority when furnishing your office space:

Ergonomic Office Chair

The Ergonomic chairs are a great way to revamp your office space and get rid of the old seating. These chairs help in reducing the load on the neck, back and shoulders of the people and thus keep them hooked to work for longer hours. If you’re looking for office furniture for your home or office, Office Plus Furniture has a great selection for you.

These chairs are ideal for those people who suffer from back pain or spine problems for the fact that they are specifically designed to give maximum back support. They also befit the need for prolonged sitting, with adjustable heights appropriate for short and tall people, armrests for added comfort, and headrests to help you maintain the right posture as you work in the office.

Folding chairs

When working with a limited office space, it can be hectic to figure out an interior design that complements the space as well as carries out the functions relevant to the business operation. Typically, folding chairs are great space savers appropriate for employees, usually made of heavy-duty folding chairs, yet light in weight. They are a good furnishing option to keep your office space neat and tidy

Guest chairs

Even though visitors are not to be expected on all the working days of a business, there is need to create a seating area with comfortable seating suitable for the various types of guests, whether customers, investors or prospect clients.
Since the visitors do not always spend a lot of time on these seats, the chairs should not be mobile, flexible or adjustable, especially when they are centred at the reception area.
These chairs are usually made of plastic or wood, and they come in various colours and design. Even then, some companies tend to have their guest chairs custom-made so as to complement or reflect their brand but without a strict budget to work with.

Drafting Chairs and Stools

Do you have those moments where colleagues in your workplace meet up for discussions and opinion sharing? Well, these are chairs that would such moments, allowing for chit-chats among mates or sharing project ideas, as they provide a good spot for thinking and drafting concepts.
The reason is that these chairs have no back and therefore give you the freedom to sit on the chair in any direction. These are not too high chairs and can be used at regular tables and also for dining tables where people can share a meal or lunch together.

Mesh office chair

This is a type of seating that is increasingly gaining attention in the corporate sector, and is commonly used for general office duties, so that any employee or even visitor, can comfortably have sitting for the amount of time they spend in the work area.
Typically, they are made of mesh fabric; lined with a net-like fabric that gives them good air circulation, which unlike leather, does not trap heat to increase discomfort on a hot day, which its significant uniqueness from all other types of chairs. The mesh office chair tends to be very comfortable and gives proper support to your back.

If it so happens you cannot take up all the chairs from this list, at the least of things, ensure you have these 3 types of chairs in your office space:

Executive Office Chairs

Every office space has a reservation for managerial positions, which is why executive office chairs are necessary. Other than offering optimal support and comfort to the user, these chairs polish up the office space bringing in a sense of elegance. Executive chairs have casters and wheels which can rotate in all directions. These chairs commonly feature tall back, natural leather, fine wood material and many other adjustable features. They are named so because they are often used by a businesses’ top executives. If your budget cannot stretch too much, try acquiring one for the CEO or president of the company/business.

Computer chairs

Most of the office work requires working on a computer, with some staff members sitting behind a machine for more than half of the total working hours. Computer chairs should keenly be selected to prevent strains like lumbar aches, neck and back strains. Ideally, the computer chairs should be appropriate to allow for comfortable typing and managing other tasks on the computer.
Spotting chairs with adjustable heights can be suitable for computer chairs so as to befit people of different heights relative to the height of the computer desk.

Conference chairs

A conference room is a place where almost all business meetings and decisions are made, which highlights the frequency of use that this room is put to. More often than not, this place is also flocked by visitors and guests, hence it is imperative to pick out chairs that are comfortable, stylish and add elegance to the conference room like the upholstered chairs look great.
For these space, opt for chairs that have a cushioning preferably covering the entire sitting surface to allow comfortable accommodation for long meetings and one that does not take up a lot of space because a conference room generally should hold many chairs.
However, since meetings are centred on talking and listening more than actual legwork, a constant sitting position is of utmost importance, which is why you require to employ proper seating for your conference room. On the other hand, they’re not mobile and adjustable, although some designs do have built-in wheels.

With all these options to add on your checklist, before deciding on the type of seating you acquire for your workspace, consider the durability of the chair, long enough to stand up to regular use as well as the amount of support and comfort it is likely to guarantee throughout a workday. All the unique featured designs provide different levels of comfort, but people should be just fine with either of the chairs as long as they keep a straight posture.

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